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tengs Tokunaga Hideaki ! (^0^)

tak payah la upload gmba dea besa2.
aku ta kenal dea ponnn :P

haha cett tady pegy jenguk blog dbsk.
pastu jumpe satu entry nie.
aku copy paste je tao ape yg tokunaga ckp psl dbsk :)

“When Tohoshinki and related people requested him to perform Rainy Blue with them, he asked why they had choose that song, and received the reply that they really like this song.”

“(The members) worked hard to use Japanese to communicate with me, everyone of them is really handsome, especially Jaejoong, with that beauty looking at me, even if I didn’t have that kind of tendencies, my heart speed up. To the degree that I want to hug him. If I was a girl, there is no doubt I will fall for him.”
“The feeling is very beautiful and clear. Like snow crystals. The existence itself is very beautiful, the five of them can make a person very joyful.”
“They don’t have just beautiful features , their heart and actions are as pure as snow.”
“Even though I have meet other handsome guys up until today, but Tohoshinki really are wonderful guys.”
“(These words) should be expressed loudly to Tohoshinki’s fans!”

korang phm kan ? ngeeee~ part yg aku bold tu aku sukeeeeee !
tengs Tokunaga Hideaki kerane memuji ! :D

Jaejoong oppa :)

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