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princess taggie ^^

yeah dpt tag dpd sys amal. hehe, lame dah aku tabuat tag. rindu rase. haha yeker tu ? :P oke wtv lahh. lets check it out bebeh x)

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.

now, lets begin :)

What is your name :
Nuraida Idora bt M.Ramlee

A four Letter Word :
Need ? i need you, i love you, lalala~ lagu apetah lupe x)

A boy's Name :
Nash. bahahaha femes jugak nash masok blog aku nie xDDD

A girl's Name :
Narsha BEG~ haha lol =P

An occupation :
None of your business xD

A colour :
Nila. haha dikire ta tu ? xP

Something you'll wear :
Napkin. bwahahahaaa xD

A type of food :
Nasi jea. senang kan ?

Something found in the bathroom :

A place :
No komen. nk gi korea jep. bule ? hoho~

A reason for being late :
Nanah dah jerawat saya ! HAHA,

Something you'd shout :
NUGYU ???!!!!! bahaha !

A movie title :
Nothing interesting lol :P

Something you drink :
Nenas ? air nenas tu =.="

A musical group :
N-dbsk , N-2pm , N-suju (aku dah mule minat derang ! =D)

An animal :
None. tapi kucing i sukee~ ngehh :P

A type of car :
Naza~ hahaha,

A type of fruit :
Nenas la. pehal nak ulang2 lagi neh. gee~ x)

Tagged :
None. korang bukan bule copy un. gahaha. sesape yg bijak dan pndai mengopy toh, silekan jela cilok yee. khamsamnida^^

2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop (the best intro ever !)

Yo ! Here we are once again. JYP , 2PM , stronger than ever !
This is Nichkhun. Wooyoung. Junho !
Junsu right here. Chansung. And this is Taec !
And we're 2PM. And we're never going down !

keep the faith :)

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