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Just because.

Im typing here... for no reason. I guess.

What am i feeling right now. Hurm, still thinking.

I am worried. Yes.

Im worried about "something" that i can't really describe in words. Hurm..

Im worried about my academic.

Im worried about my homeworksss.

Im worried about my health.

Im worried about my teeth. TEETH, not tooth.

29/11/11 . Still counting the days.

Im worried about MYSELF. MYSELF. MYSELF. Big capital letters for m, y, s, e, l and f -_-

Im worried about almost everything that have to do with me right now.

And yes, i mean it. NOW.

Btw, congrats Shaheizy Sam for your award. You deserves it right :] *tetibe

And this whole day, i miss my Mr. Nur Rasyid. YES I AM. YES I DO. I miss him. I DO miss him. YES, I miss my brother :(

Very much so.