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Only few days left

Assalamualaikum :]

First of all, loads of thanks to Qiha for editing and uploading this picture. Hurm... of course, we will be missing our super duper great seniors damn much. How are we.. juniors, going to survive ourselves without our seniors next year ? I just can't imagine -_-" What if something bad happens to our dorm next year ? What if THIS happen ? What if THAT happen ? What if what we don't want to be happen, happened ? We only have Qiha, which is our only Naqibah for BeSeven and the rest will be just like...krik krik hahaha. Urgh what am i saying. Wuu simpang malaikat 44 ! :/ I will always remember what Kak Velo always said, "what you give, you get back" . So Qiha, take a note ! Maybe it will be useful for your usrah next year hahaha. Just kiddin' hehe. Urmm, Im hoping that our juniors next year will not make any problems like blablabla and blablabla LOL just think of it by yourself. And hopefully that we will be able to enjoy our few days left with our dormmates and seniors very well and full with great memories. Amin, may Allah bless :]

WE are the SENIORS of BESEVEN next year. We don't really look like seniors aren't we ? -_-" I know. I know. I know we are obviously cute hah ? Especially the girl that wear the veil of dark pink at the center heh ? Muahahahahaha demm perasan XD Ouhh, btw someone is missing. The one that capture this picture. Our KD of BESEVEN ♥ Najwa Syazana Syukri, do you know how much we miss you ? And yes, we ARE missing you :/ Alahhhh paham paham sendiri lah ehh ? Takmau lah jiwang jiwang lebih ni. That is just sooo not me :]

Lastly, peace out ! V(^__^)V

p/s : packing time. time to go back to Samura haishh. keyboard off.

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