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Tagged from Fara Syaira :)

Fara dah lama tag tapi baru je nak buat. Thanks tag :)

11 things about me? :

- Nuraida Idora bt M.Ramlee
- Dodo for short
- Next year 17 y/o
- Next year SPM
- 2 siblings. Me and abang
- Just looking forward for SPM SPM SPM. Kbai

What's my lucky number?
: 8. Can? :)

Do you have boyfie/girlfie?
: No need.

Converse or Everlast?
: LV haha.

Have you ever cheat in exam?
: Siapa yang tak pernah? ;p

Am i cool or what?
: Nope.

The thing that you hate most. What is it?
: SPM. Boleh cakap camtu tak?

Do you have a pet? What is it? And the name?
: Dulu ada. It's a kitten. Named, Kitty Rooney LOL what a name :3

What will you do when your crush say hi?
: Balas Assalamualaikum :)

Love me? Hate me?
: Love.

Novel or comic?
: Novel.

What will you do when you see your boyfie/ girlfie with another boy or girl?
: Takkan ada and tak mahu boyfriend. Menyusahkan :)

Malas nak tag sesape, SORRY ! :P

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