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Exo's XOXO Albums Review

Assalamualaikum :]

[highly recommended DONT READ IF URE A NON-KPOPER]
[please endure the typos and broken engrish thankyou]

Long time no see u guys here :) Aku da lame tak post since 3 weeks ago kot? Hidup kat universiti almost busy. Well, ALMOST. Aku still ade masa nak online, tweet and stuffs tapi sangat takde masa nak post entry  etc. Especially bila had kuota broadband sangat sikit and lembab kat kolej aku. Lain kali je ok aku sambung cerita pasal uni aku sebab kalau cerita sekarang maybe akan ambik masa 5-6 jam kot nak cerita sampai habis? Amboihhh over kau mak nyahhh sampak 5-6 jam hahahaha.

Soooooooooo, here i am babe. Kat rumah ni. Tapi petang nanti nak balik uni balik dah cuz tumorrow got classes /SIGHS. Neways, my parcels have aldy safely arrived home for the past few weeks. Ok actually not so few cuz parcel WOLF 88 tee just arrived last week and my XOXO albums just arrived last Monday SOOOOO JYEAH.

You can tell I SCREAMED LAIK FREAKIN HELL LAST FRIDAY even my mom came into my room and asked me WTH JUST HAPPENED hahahahaha still cant forget and trust me, I STILL AM o.o LOL xD THANK GOD Laila was there spazzing with me all night long and she had to hold me tight on Wechat *lol* when i cried my heart out when i saw Joonmyun and Jongdae's student ID card FML ;_; I even put name for their ID cards which are DAEMYUN hahahaha wtf ==" And laik seriously i hold DAEMYUN and stared at and asked them WHY THEY WERE HERE AND WHERE THE HELL IS KAISOO OTL /omg i cant stop myself im sorry .__.


Soooooooo yeah, im sorry once again kalau korang pikir aku ni gila ke ape tapi OK MEMANG AKU DAH GILA PON ;_;


Soooooooo (again) lets start unboxing! My most fav part YEAY! ^O^

Left : WOLF 88 tee
Right : XOXO albums

I didnt managed to get both Kyungsoo's drawing stickers. Im just so unlucky /SIGHS ._.

Ohhh guys/gals, say hye to DAEMYUN lol.

Wells, my bias in Exo-M IS Kim Jongdae but donno why i was hoping to get Tao's or maybe Luhan's student ID cards I DONT EVEN KNO WHY ._. orz. But sokay, i still lahv DAEMYUN wut LOL ^o^

Ohhh, and i got these uhm their teaser's group cards for free YEAY ME! hihihi \^o^/

Kiss&Hug albums :))))))
Someone pls throw me to heaven LOL

And the CD's also makes me superb damn excited ARGHHHH ;_;

Look at the freakin damn precious posters OMG THEYRE SUPERB HUGE TRUST ME ;_; OTL

Here is my WOLF 88 tee. Weeeee~ >#<

And of course D.O's as he is my ultimate bias and no one ever can replace him. EVER I REPEAT. Ohh and i prefer calling him Kyungsoo or Soo or Babysoo or Babykyung or Kyungie or only BEBI u_u OMG please dont feel gross x_x cuz even i cant handle OTL.

Please ignore the small box at the right side and any other no-need-things in the picture as i was trying to keep the posters still and not folding itselves FML my engrish omg im sorry once again orz ;_;


(∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol

Ohhhh and im not goin to share with u guys what's inside the photobooks looks like cuz trust me Laila's goin to kill me if i did LOL. And and and too much crack ships even i myself cant stand with it orz. ASDFGHJKL Kailu and ASDFGHJKL Sesoo ASDFGHJKL etc OMFG THEY JUST RUINED MY SHIP OTL so please STOP i just DONT and thanks but NO THANKS ;_;

Jyeah so im goin to bring my Wolf 88 tee and my albums and those super huge posters to my uni bcuz i just found one of my new friend is also an Exo stan *OMG SCREAMS* Well, she's a friend of my roomate's and suddenly she came to our room last week and BAM! That's how i met your mother LOL. Oh and believe it or not i watched the vid where #EXO1stWin with her on youtube thru my phone and we sobbed together with Joonmyun at that time OMG LOL AT US PLEASE I GIVE U PERMISSION hahahahaha xD

Ok i think i should just stop by now or else im goin crazy once again spazzing and fangirling over these XOXO albums and stuffs orz. Im sorry once again to whoever non-kpopers reading this. U must have felt gross eyh? Im sorry i just cant stop myself (Q A Q) orz.

Sooooooooo, that's all! Bye!

XOXO ;))))

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