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Assalamualaikum :]

OMG mayn I won the Kpop Bookmark Giveaway by Nafaa >#< I never tot that I I just ._. nvm. But am happy tho and excited and YARGH I WON! U HEAR ME :> teehehehe lol. This is my very first time dude. VERY FIRST TIME EVER i said ==" I might sound exaggerating thing but bb do u feel me?? u.u

bb why must u so kiyowo ~3~

Urhm and as you guys aldy know.... the Wolf Drama MV (part 1) is out dem ==" It's a freakin Monday when SM released the MVs. It's A frEaKiNg fIrsT dAy of the week man. What a nice day you got there dear SM. Before bukak puasa pulak tu T-T How do you think i was at that time?? I was laik a freaking crazy whore crying and screaming over these idiots on the bed and my roomate asked KAU DAH KENAPA to me and that embarrased me dherr. I hate u guys T__T

And why must LUHAN He's so dem I cant T~T And Kyungsoo, got hit by Luhan puahahahaha u deserves it right bb ~v~ LOL. Thank Luhan you should do more laik punch him straight on the face or or even kick him right on his ass pfft ahahahahaha sounds so fun to me lemme help you with that. Or maybe NANA u wanna join meh? (OuO) lmao. And my Kaisoo feels.......SOBS. I CANT all this ;_; And the "to be continued" words DEHEK WAS THAT ==" Im so done /jump off cliff/



Arrien ::@man!:: said...

Taniah sis,sye pun join jugak..but tak de rezeki,tak menang.. huhu.. btw.. taniah :D

aida idora said...

it's okay~ thankyouu dear ^^