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Happy birthday, gurl

Assalamualaikum :]

First of all. I need Oh Sehone. Why? I need his help. What for? I need him to generate his power and blow the wind so it will automatically wipe the dusts in my blog ........ please ignore me OTL

Dah lama tak jenguk blog. Rinduuuu sangat u_u Bosan kat Uitm tu takde ape menarik, duit pon takde, nak gerak mane-mane pun susah, banyak kerja, assignments, quizzes, tests and stuffs. But now am home. Untuk beberapa hari. Isnin ni ada test lagi. I mean test(s) lol. Tapi aku tak study, yet. Just let it be. Oh and doakan plan aku nak ke MTV ahad depan berjalan dengan lancar, amin U_U

Second, this was supposed to be an entry for my birthday today, 31st August. I was okay at first but something did happened a few mins before midnight. And it saddened me. A LOT. I need my friends but-- :( I refused to pick up the phone calls and whatsapp's and texts and wishes on facebook except twitter. I am still alive, but for sure not on my old acc. Thanks loads for the one who wished and who didnt, thanks jugak. I am really very so sorry for my bad attitude or whatsoever but i promise u guys ill reply urs tomorrow okay when my mood comes back :)

Third, THIS.

I am really proud of u guys for doing a very good job :) All ur hard works paid and u guys made me shocked cause u guys can last long till #Growl9thWin and it shocks me even more when u guys lose against Crayon Pop yesterday on Music Bank lmao. But it's okay i am still proud and love u guys till it hurts u_u

"what should happen, will happen" .


Aku taknak bebel dah. Lagi-lagi bila tang speaking. Dah kenapa nak speaking tetiba -_- /slap/ Newaysssssss, ill just take this easy and ignore and.............................


note : baekhyun, u shudnt hev stand between those two giants.

Happy birthday to you, dora :)

Ni hadiah untuk kau...

A heart shaped smile from ur pororo bb (T3T)

p/s : i know i sounds pathetic. bye.

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