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" I'm just admiring what belongs to me "

Assalamualaikum :]

Alhamdulillah, im home u guys! And this is for real babe :D Final exam dah habis, betul-betul semalam punya habis. Dapat tidur 2 jam lebih je malam last paper kat uni sebab tak habis revise chapter :( Revising 10 chapters of Business Maths in one day U FEEL ME ;___; And now am still sleepy sighs. Aku patut study lebih awal OTL. Tapi alhamdulillah, masa exam tu everything went well :D Some questions i found it hard, but most of it i think it was okay :)

Semua barang dah bawak balik, takda benda nak pikir lagi dah lepas ni. I mean the need to think about assignments, tutorials, studies and stuffs dah takde :D Having a sem break for 6 weeks sounds fun kan hehe. Sounds? Nope. Of course IT IS fun OuO Balik duduk rumah ni pikir nak tidur haha, kdrama marathon, RM marathon, WGM marathon, fanfics marathon, proceed writing my so long abandoned fic lol, goyang kaki, tweet sampai kena twitlimit, update blog 24/7, reblog semua pics kat tumblr etc. Banyak benda ah nak buat, tapi takleh tamak sangat sebab takut nanti tak terbuat U_U

Gonna miss my bitches so much T^T sobs.

And btw something is bothering me right now. It's nothing big actually. It's just-- uhm. Idk followers aku kat twitter kejap naik kejap turun and idek why. Not that im questioning something yang normal kan, common lah orang follow unfollow tapi uhm maybe people unfollow because they expect me to follow back but how am i going to follow back if i dont even know you guys...? ._. And how did YOU GUYS found me btw. Ive been hiding all this time LOL and how did you guys uhm easily found me on my another acc ._. Sebab macam korang boleh nampak link twitter aku kat atas tu, cuba korang click. Tu bukan twitter yang korang follow sebab twitter acc yang korang follow tu, acc aku yang lain ._. Paham tak apa yang aku cuba sampaikan ni ._____.

And i dont like being stalked. I dont like stalkers either. Nak kenal, tegur jela and keep in touch. Dont just follow, and stay silent and wait as if am going to magically click on that follow button on ur profile HOW BOUT NOPE. And if ure Kyungsoo's bias, think twice before u follow me U_U I dont want ur eyes and heart hurts because of me calling Kyungsoo as "bb" and vice versa lol bikos ive once regretted following someone calling my pororo bb as "bb" too /flip table/ and yeop i just dont follow someone who stans my bias no matter who bikos this is the rule of Poteto Club LMAO bb OuO And i dont need a fan. Fans or whatsoever. Bikos i am not Exo -_-

Ok tu pasal kat twitter. Ni askfm pulak -_- Lately ramai yang jenguk and left comments kat situ and i was like, YEAY hye guys! ^.^/ it was nice to know u guys and am touched, really :> But please, dont mek mi curious and feel suspicious bout u guys and what uve been doing behind my back orz. Im sorry but seriously, aku tak suka ;_; Like ive mentioned before, i dont like stalkers. Korang mesti macam, eleh perasan gila minah ni kata ada stalkers bagai BUT SERIOUSLY aku cakap MEMANG ADA ._. Ada means exist. Exist means stalkers ;___;

It's not a bad thing tho, i like to make new friends. I really do :> But apa salahnya kan kalau munculkan diri and cakap "Hye saya nak kawan dengan awak sebab awak comel sangat" :3 or or maybe "Hye my name is Jongliliana bikos my hubby is Jongin and urs is Kyungsoo so we seems purfect to be together" OvO How wos det? OuO Tak susah kan? Ihik tehik puihh :> /coughs/

Hope takde yang terasa baca ni sebab aku taknak buat korang rasa apa yang korang buat tu salah ._. Tak salah tapi tapi T_T i have my own right to say all this, kan...? Please dont hate me... .-. urgh screw this. Eheh but still, hye hello and anyeong to my new friends~! ^O^ /throw hearts/

I know i sounds harsh here lol but haha why dont you try me first OuO

Ok whatever haha. People, look~ My phone case just safely arrived today and OMG am super loving it :'-) /wipe tears/ Bikos it's my pororo bb's body coughs ._. i mean his hands and shirt and thighs.......lmao NO. Am talking bout his shirt lah ahahaha OK nvm ignore me please \("-_-)

I showed the case to my mom and she said...

Ibu : takde yang lagi elok ke? tak lawa lah macam ade orang conteng-conteng je.

Me : .......................




I.............donno what to talk about anymore. Uhm ive been thinking about what fic to read next. Anyone here if u guys read this (kalau ada la) please suggest me some fanfics yang best-best boleh? :) I really need some feedbacks since no one replied mine on twitter -_- LOL.

Tak sabar nak habiskan masa-masa terluang depan laptop OMAIGOD U FEEL ME BABE OuO

Hoyeah let's party hardddddddddddddddddd ~(^v^)~
/shakes shakes booty/



Nurin Aqilah said...

akak beli case tu online right ? dekat mana ?

aida idora said...

yep, beli online kat facebook ;;