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Semi Hiatus

Greasy baek euww your face pls 눈_눈

Assalamualaikum :]

This is just another short quick post for tonight. I had finished packing up my stuffs. Ill be going back to jail tomorrow to continue my studies U_U Cuti sem dah habis. So lepasni aku akan semi hiatus from updating this blog. Dont miss me guys! hahaha puih.

But maybe jumaat ni aku balik rumah balik sebab nak download Exo Showtime LMAO. Mana boleh miss mehhh OuO Kalau aku rajin nanti aku post ah pasal show tu kat sini. Kalau, If, Jika :--)

So i was right. It was his right ankle ㅠㅠㅠ

My bb is going to be alright. He will be fine. My bb is a strong manly guy :') /hugs pororo kyung/

p/s : the picture was not edited by me and not mine. full creds to the rightful owner.

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