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Giveaway contest gifts arrived!

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Assalamualaikum :]

Guys, ingat tak dulu aku pernah post entry pasal a giveaway contest yang aku menang tu? Nope? Haha sokay maybe korang tak baca pun lol. So kepada yang confused about what i was talking about, boleh refer entry yang sebelum ni. Click here .

I just got home yesterday cuz mid sem break for 2 weeks has just started! \\\O/// YEHET! OuO So mungkin akan rajin post entry within this 2 weeks hols ^O^ And kebetulan sampai-sampai rumah je, terus ada parcel kat atas meja >_< Actually hari rabu lagi dah tau dah ada parcel sampai rumah cuz poslaju called, saying the parcel has safely arrived home ngehehe OuO So here it is~~

 photo 2013-12-200751281_zpsc2af9731.jpg

 photo 2013-12-200819301_zps2d225800.jpg

Let me show u the gifts from upclose :)

 photo 2013-12-200825541_zps098d4cd1.jpg

Infinite unofficial tshirt and Daddy Long Legs DVD (it's a preloved item) and B.A.P notebook.

 photo 2013-12-200825091_zps41ca8478.jpg

I was kind of like "O_O what es des" masa first nampak necklace tu and suddenly saw the infinity symbol lol amma dumb poteto U_U /throw bricks/ I dont actually know what to do with those photocards tbvh since am not an Inspirit ANYMORE. I WAS ok lol but not since B.A.P and EXO came to my life OTL but now amma forever Exo stan ahahaha ahha haa /pukes/

I might giveaway those photocards or or hm maybe ill just keep em in my purse AHHA.

Yet i still love the necklace tho OuO It's very pretty and tiny and cute and believe it or not i threw awey my gold precious necklace i was wearing earlier and wear this Infinite necklace ohoho *true story* lmao orz.

 photo PicsArt_1387542744111_zps5565e785.jpg

Exo mama era postcards and some stickers.

 photo PicsArt_1387542665193_zpsb2b8c529.jpg

Exo stickers and Chanbaek's unofficial photocards.

Most of the gifts are not official but sokay i still appreciate it tho :)
Thanks to The Catztees sebab buat GA contest ni. Alhamdulillah rezeki :)


 photo PicsArt_1386511595932_zps3d083b5e.jpg

I almost bought this nacho cuz of kyungsoo last few weeks but i didnt tho cuz has no tanda halal on it lol >_<

p/s : later will do the tags. thanks! btw i didnt put my watermark on pictures sbb malas. bye.


Myra Eunhyuk said...

congrats akak. huhu, nak jugak..

aida idora said...

lol thankyou :)

Zack said...

Untunglah T.T //cries on Kyungsoo's shoulder// gimme Chanyeol's pc then sobs sobs congrats by the way ;D