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Nature Republic Hand Creams

 photo tumblr_mym3padAF01qdtqn3o1_500_zps713f1fa5.gif

Yes SM really do know how to steal our money by making those outfits exist.

Assalamualaikum :]

So post kalini sepatutnya dah post lama which is sabtu(?) or maybe ahad la kot. Eh isnin pun boleh kot lol tapi sebab sekarang dah nak dekat pukul 2 pagi so lets just say it as a tuesday's post instead /snorts/. Like ive told u guys before, my NR hand creams were going to arrive soon kan? And soon tu dah memang soon sangat and dah lepas pon lol. Ive received the hand creams on saturday pagi kot, masa tu tengah siap-siap nak pergi Bukit Tinggi hoho. Tapi balik-balik je dah penat so tak sempat nak update blog.

But hey, now am here what ehehe. Soooooooooo here are the hand creams.

 photo 2013-12-290139_zpsebfa7fd1.jpg

CRIES at kyungsoo's pc cuz he looks really beautiful in here ಥДಥ

People said that i was lucky to get kyung's pc which is my own bias coughs bb lol actually no am not. I chose the pc kot, and i got to choose the flavour either :) Cause i was one of his/her customer that paid for the hand creams earlier so he/she gave me the priority first >< But i can only choose one flavour tho since the flavours are really limited so i chose raspberry cuz its kyungsoo LOL no i mean kyungsoo was the one who suggested the flavour. I called the seller as he/she lol cuz i donno whats his/her gender. His/her name is Gee Wen btw so haa teka sendiri lah idk lol.

Not regretting buying the hand creams tho since all of them smell so friggin good *^* Especially raspberry lah. WANGI GILA OK T____T Ive tried all of them except for Luhan;s which is the wild cherry flavour since am gonna give it to laila cuz she has been nice to me lately OuO LAILA U BETTER READ THIS GURL AND LOVE ME BACK AND GIMME THOSE BSPECTRA'S DVD COPY ASAP OR ILL TAKE MY WORDS BACK ihihik :>

Oh forgot to mention that i dont like sehun's, the grapefruit flavour. It smells as brat as sehuna so jyeah euw i dont like LOL no offence guys its smells just as bad as kyungsoo pooping on me everyday lmao or is it just me that think of it that way okbye 눈_눈 Kind of regret for not giving laila the grapefruit flavour since she asked for sehun's first lol not that am complaining tho. Kfine it was my own fault jugak ha ha. Now nak kasi siapa pulak grapefruit tu since im not goin to use that grapefruit handcream EVER ;__; Nak kasi giveaway macam sayang je......................buat frame jela hand cream sehun tu  hahahahayehethahahahabye.

My top fav flavour list :
  1. Raspberry (Kyungsoo) - smells sweet as sweet and squishy as him :>
  2. Rosemary (none) - smells like flowers but still smells good :3
  3. Green Tea (Kris) - smells matured(?) 18+ RATED-M NC-17 LMFAO IDEK
  4. Shea Butter (Xiumin) - smells common :( smells like a common body lotion to me :( i was kind of expecting something good like the smell of butter or food or something lol but heh nope /cries/
  5. Wild Cherry (Luhan) - donno. smells cherry lah kot hahaha
  6. Grapefruit (Sehun) - smells like grape....fruit....(?) but in a bad way idk whether its just my own nose or what but i just dont like it sobs ;^;

Im craving for vanilla, avocado and apple mango flavours tbvh T^T

So yeah guys, that was what i want to share with u guys lah. Kalau ada yang nak beli NR hand creams ni, make sure order raspberry flavour k, for sure tak menyesal OuO Dont u ever order sehun's cuz hes luhan's COUGHS i mean he smells bad. Eh IT smells bad lah lololol :* Tapi taktau la kan kalau memang ada yang suka bau grapefruit ni but to me, ha ha NOPE.


I was kind of pissed off yesterday cuz of my brother. Yeah, older brother. Idek whether it rly was his fault or my own fault for not getting the parcel in yesterday. I was taking shower kot at that time and he was in his own room DOING NOTHING asdfghjkl. Why cant he just open the door when the postman arrived at my house? The postman called my number for like numerous times and from what i remember, i didnt even put my phone on silent. Takkan tak dengar? I called the postman back and he said he didnt want to turn back to send out the parcel to me so i need to go to the post office tomorrow to pick the parcel up. Fucked up gila. I was so irritated and annoyed till i almost pukes kyungsoo /lame joke i know okbye/ Sakit hati sia. Nasib baik la tu je satu-satunya abangku sorang yang ku ada dan ku sayang ahahah haha ahha haaaaa puih.

Me yesterday, right now, everyday, every secs, forever :

 photo tumblr_myjg44OX3g1r44taeo1_250_zpsa1f25574.gif

There r too many things that need to be done by tomorrow morning ;

Wrap up the GA gifts and post it to the winners.
Pick up the parcel at the post office.
Photostat books.
Bank in money.

Ill be busy in the afternoon till night. Kot.
Will post another entry as a wrap for this year, tomorrow. Insya-Allah, ill try. If not, this entry will be my very last entry in year 2013. It finally has come to its end guys :)

Sleepy its aldy 4.06am in the morning wow so mornight O///

p/s : cries cuz ill do the exact same face as kyungsoo's when i get mad at something/someone. gnite ♥


Luhanneu said...

waaaaaa untungnya ;n;

aida idora said...

aaa thanks ;~;

nndhrxh said...

rasa mcm nak beli raspberry lah lepas baca ni. tapi nak beli rose butter jugak. agak agak rose butter sedap tak bau dia? hahahah

Anonymous said...

Helo i really want to buy this product but can i know whetr its halal or not coz what i know is nr did not have halal certificate but i realy wanna buy this ..can give me some info bout this.thanks realy appreciate