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My movie stars

Im retiring. Retiring from everything.

Please allow me to speak here in bahasa+english+rojak idk whatever.

1214012014 - Antara tarikh paling penting dalam hidup. And i will never forget.
Esok and selasa. It'll be my first time celebrating my both stupid special babies. Yeap, first time. Aku tak pernah celebrate birthday diorang sebelum-sebelum ni. Setahun sebelum ni, aku tak kenal diorang pun. MAMA era, nope. I've never been there before. Tahun 2013, aku happy dipertemukan dengan diorang. Kenal diorang, jumpa diorang. Aku bukan senior Exo stans. Aku bukan junior. Aku just-- tengah-tengah. Idk.

Im happy when i have them but at the same time, i kept on losing my friends. A lot. Im tired. After what had happened between me and nenek (my old friend), i thought it will be just a scarred memories. A past is a past i thought, but nope. It happened again. You just donno how i hate awkward moments. And yet it happened. Between me and nenek. And now its with you. Yes, we r okay now but it'll never be just like before. If you know what i mean. Its just-- AWKWARD. Aku cuma tau buat orang sakit hati je. Nenek pun cakap dulu, aku selalu buat dia sakit hati tapi dia tak pernah cakap sampai lah dia dah tak tahan and then she exploded. And then u told me the same thing. And trust me, it hurts.

Wth i was supposed to talk about my babies birthday yet am here talking bout my past ha ha what a loser. I just couldnt believe im going to do this. A day before his birthday. Im retiring. Retiring from being an Exo stans. It's okay, i'll still catch up with their news and songs and shows yada yada but i'll just take it a little slower than i used to be before.

Happy birthday, dear my forever pororo and krong babies. Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin. Im so gonna miss you guys. Thanks a lot for all the good and bad times we shared together in 2013. You both will be my forever movie stars especially you, Do Kyungsoo. Am glad and happy for you bb ♥ And i will forever be your poteto ♥ I love you both and the rest of Exo members ♥

 photo bday_zps05e7535b.png

I will forever sail this ship.


Laila Syaza said...

Kim Aera said...

kenapa akak ;n; did something bad happen to you?